The Power (Efficacy) of Persistent Prayer

There are missionaries in the North being killed and persecuted. Don’t be dismayed, strengthen yourself for our own is coming. Our own persecution is coming – our tribulation is coming. God is not going to stop the persecutions and tribulations in the North – it’s coming towards us.

When God proclaims in His name, when He swears in His name, nothing changes it. So when He says trials and tribulations are coming your way, nothing is changing that. Your faith must be tried. No one goes to heaven without being tested. No one. You cannot roller-coaster your way into heaven.

All our religious activities have not taken us far – they have landed us to where we are as a church today.

Moses was a man of influence. Nobody communed with God like Moses. Man of influence. He had power with God. He would petition God for days at end: and God will change His mind. This is the power of persistence.

Ask yourself: Is this all there is about Christianity? Is this all there is? Is this what God wants? Is this what He has called us to do? Is this the level of where He has called us to be? Is this the life of a child of God, born of God?

Where do we think we should be? Easter is coming. We will be forced to remember the cross. But after then…we fall back to status quo. Our savior carried his cross. We should take time to listen to his final words. Your cross is coming. If you cannot bear it, you will go to hell. If you cannot bear your cross, you will go to hell. Jesus will not carry your cross for you.

Matthew 7:7 [Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you]

When you knock doors are flung open. It is not at the level of asking and seeking.

God wants us to be knockers!

We have been students for long – learning about theology. God is looking for soldiers. It’s time to chew bones. It’s time to meet Jesus in the garden.

When the reality of death came upon Jesus, he had to be alone. He had to bear the cross alone. Peter declared he would die with Jesus. And that’s the picture of the church today. We follow blindly. No power. The church of those days was a mystery. Uneducated men who had power. People who did not matter to the world. Yet, they displayed power. They walked through fire, and it did not burn them – that’s power. When Peter and John gave the man at the gate called beautiful what no rich man could give, that was a mystery. No money, yet power flowed.

The people trembled because of the mystery and power of the church.

We have lost this mystery.  What could not happen then, happens now. The world that could not approach the mountain in the time of Moses, due to the power, now sits amongst us in the church. Witches, wizards share the pew with us in the church.

Only persistent knockers will fling the doors open.

When Jesus went to pray with his disciples, they all slept. When reality came, he was all alone. If you want to fly, fly alone. He knelt alone and prayed and prayed and prayed. When the terrors of hell came his way, when the fear of the forces he would have to face came before him, fear gripped Jesus and he prayed: let this cup passed over me.

But Jesus knocked! Jesus was a persistent knocker. The scripture says he prayed and prayed. He prayed to the point that the sweats on his face were like beads of blood. Till the doors flung open and angel of the lord came and brought strength.

You knock alone. Married or unmarried, you knock alone.

Your worst enemies today are your children, your spouse, the worldly passions you chase after etc. When you knock persistently and the doors are flung open, then you can walk with strength and stand whatever comes your way.

The only path to victory is to go back to the old days. Go back to persistent prayer. We have messed Christianity up. Simple evidence: there is no more power in the church.

This has happened before in the bible days. In the time Moses. He went into the mountain alone. Alone with God. Moses withdrew, forty days – where he was communing. Singlehandedly, Moses brought God to bear in the land of Israel. Moses was a knocker. He travailed for days. He prayed until result came. Travailing in prayers: requires you to be a knocker, not a seeker, not an asker.

As a husband, when the wife and kids are sleeping, you are in the next room, knocking knocking knocking, and the next day the doors are flung alone and now you can direct your family aright.

Hannah’s family had been going to the temple to offer sacrifices and ask for a child. But this particular year, Hannah decided to take her destiny in her hands. Alone. She went alone and travailed in prayers. She prayed so hard, her lips were moving, words were not coming out. And when she persistently knocked, Samuel came.

The power of knocking. Who will knock today? There is heaven to be brought down, there is an anointing and auction that we need, there are kingdoms to be pulled down. There is need for knockers!

We need God. We need open heavens. We need to go back. We need the Holy Ghost. We need the auction. We need anointing. We need to go back to Gethsemane.

Those that create revival in the world – are knockers.

The closer you get to God, the more you see how weak you are, how dirty you are, how perverted you are, how frail you are. In the midst of people you will not be pompous, or loud or obnoxious.

John Knox was a man who brought Christianity to Scotland. He is the one that cried ‘Give me Scotland, or I die.”

Where are the people that love God? God is challenging us today: we can do it.


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